Why Ramsgate?

By Ralph EdneyFront

“Well, it’s still a mystery. Why Margate?”

Graham Swift: Last Orders.

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A-K and Back

There she was, sitting at the bus stop minding her own business, probably thinking about her shopping or that evening’s tele-visual fare. Perhaps she was planning a holiday or dreaming about her perfect man. Anyway there she was, Mrs Miggins or Diggins, lets say Higgins. Mrs Higgins counting her change, craning her neck to see if the damned bus had arrived.

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Team Cinzano

The Great Kent Ride is organised by Bike-Events it is aimed at a mix of novices and ambitious amateurs. Going for a few years now, The ride is a charity event in aid of The Canterbury Oast Trust who care for and provide rehabilitation for those with severe disabilities.  So the entry fee felt like sixteen quid well spent. Continue Reading »


‘Faggot’ Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester

Artist Paul Harfleet was inspired to start The Pansy Project six years ago after experiencing three separate instances of homophobia in one day in Manchester. Although only verbal attacks, Paul felt the crimes should be marked in some way.

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By Syd Bolton, Chief of Staff , The London Fields Preservation Society;

London Fields New Signboard


If you listen very hard, a late-revelling birdsong can just be heard, up in the lock-jaw, dogtooth-ripped, ancient plane trees along London Fields’ crow roads, blown  on the wind, caught in the whining throttleback sound of incoming friendly fire, high over the semi-detached new City’s sugar silos and spinning U-bend of a soap operatic skyscape. Cue drum intro.

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Bingo's Coffin

In readiness for our next ‘Pop-House’ issue 15,

FRITZ CATLIN reminisces about living in Limehouse in the 80’s.
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Baron Nights

Two recent re-issues have come to The EEL’s attention by Alexander Baron a writer who although he enjoyed some success as a screenwriter is still little known in comparison to other London writers such as Patrick Hamilton.
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Eel Party

From Tatty Devine’s blog, written by Rosie Wolfenden on 17 July, 2010


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